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Hewlett Fire Department historic 1891 hand pump

The Hewlett Fire Department was established in 1891 as a volunteer fire department to provide fire protection services to the residents of Hewlett, a small community located in Nassau County, New York. In the early days, firefighters used hand-pumped fire engines and relied on horses to pull them to the scene of a fire, but over the years it grew in size and capacity, adding new equipment and facilities to better serve the community. The department uses modern equipment and advanced training to respond to a wide range of emergencies, from fires and hazardous material spills to medical emergencies and natural disasters.

Throughout its history, the department has been involved in a number of notable events and incidents, including responding to fires and other emergencies, providing mutual aid to neighboring communities, and participating in community events and outreach programs. In 1995, the department expanded its services to include emergency medical response, and today it provides both fire and EMS services to the residents of Hewlett and the surrounding area.

The Hewlett Fire Department has a proud history of volunteer service, with dedicated members who are committed to providing exceptional emergency services to the community. The department continues to evolve and grow, staying up-to-date with the latest equipment and training, and maintaining a strong presence in the community through education, outreach, and other initiatives.

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